Aatrox, top/jun, mage|fighter/support, ad, the Darkin Blade, Independent, Health|Blood Well
Ahri, mid, assassin|mage, ap, the Nine-Tailed Fox, Ionia, Mana
Akali, mid/top, assassin|mage, ap, the Fist of Shadow, Ionia, Energy
Aatrox, Aatrox_0
Ahri, Ahri_0
Akali, Akali_0
Alistar, Alistar_0
Amumu, Amumu_0
Ahri, ~"Foxfire Ahri"~ [#] (Foxfire theme) %(World Championship)% *(Snowdown Showdown)* {Ahri_3}, ~%<"Challenger Ahri">%~ [+] %(World Championship)% ]Futuristic Warfare[ {Ahri_5}, 'Midnight Ahri' [-] {Ahri_2}
Aatrox, ~"Foxfire Aatrox"~ [#] *(Snowdown Showdown)* {Aatrox_1}, ~%<"Challenger Aatrox">%~ [+] (Challenger theme) %(World Championship)% *(Snowdown Showdown)* ]Futuristic Warfare[ {Aatrox_2}, 'Midnight Aatrox' (Midnight theme) *(Snowdown Showdown)* ]Futuristic Warfare[ {Aatrox_3}
Akali, ~"Blood Moon Akali"~ [+] *(Snowdown Showdown)* %(World Championship)% (Blood theme) ]Futuristic Warfare[ {Akali_5}, ~"fck Moon Akali"~ [X], ~"fck Moon Akali"~ [#] {Akali_7} %(World Championship)%